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High Tide Garden Party feat. Denney

High Tide Garden Party

High Tide Garden Party feat. Denney

Most people nowadays go to parties, mainly because of the headliner and because they want to hear the next big thing. Very often the main act plays a great set and leaves all the fans go home happy after a long, but great rave. Today though, we have a different case. We are talking about High Tide Garden party, with a special guest Denney.

On June the 4th, High Tide organized a garden party at Sobar, Southampton. The event ran from 2pm until 10pm. Unfortunately we missed the first 2 hours, when two of the DJs from Cultura, which we recently interviewedDaniel O’Rourke and Kayne played a b2b DJ set. We entered the High Tide Garden Party around 4pm and the place was full of dancing and smiling people! Caruana played a great mixture of Deep and Tech house until 5pm, when Conka took over. He did a great set, which was tougher, but made the crowd dance even more and prepared everyone for, what was in our opinion the best set of the party, from the High Tide guys, Gary Benneton and Dan Reid. Conka finished his set with ‘Leonardo Gonnelli – Tonada’, which perfectly set the vibe for the High Tide duo.

The guys took us on a great journey all the way until 8pm and played so much great music! To be on point, one of the highlights during their set would definitely be ‘Oxia – Domino’. Denney started his DJ set at 8pm, taking over the decks at High Tide Garden Party. He was welcomed very warmly by all the people in The Garden. Denney played the typical Hot Creations sound, and most of the artists being released on the label. Don’t get us wrong the music was excellent, but it just wasn’t even close to what High Tide did with their 2 hour DJ set. This was one of those special parties, where we went to hear the local talents like Caruana, Conka and High Tide, who are doing something really special for the Dance Music scene in Southampton. Organizing such great events, with amazing selection of local and national artists, providing the crowd with splendid music. It was one of those events when all the supporting acts delivered, with the main set for us being delivered by the organiser of the event- High Tide. You can check out the videos from the event below and a recording of High Tide’s 2 hour set. We already can’t wait for the next event by High Tide  – High Tide vs Junk All Dayer feat. Camelphat and DJ Haus!

Written By: Alexander Stoyanov

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