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2017 – the year The Belleville Three reunite

Belleville Three

2017 – the year The Belleville Three reunite

By the end of the Detroit Techno Week, Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Sanderson were tracked by www.wegotthiscovered.com, when Sanderson briefly gave notice of an imminent attempt between the three of them, more precisely planned to happen in the following 2017, and that The Belleville Three will reunite.

The Belleville High School in Detroit which was the one to blame for the establishment of the three Techno innovative creators, who were enrolled there back in time and the main reason why they are known today as the Belleville Three. Their joint musical journeys continued with the last one at the Awakenings Festival, (Netherlands, 2010).

Since then these three creators of Techno split and went along their own paths. Speaking of their youth, May said:

“There was Kraftwerk, and Ultravox, and Yellow Magic Orchestra, and all these wonderful electronic groups that were doing amazing things before us – but when we came along, we basically always felt that we wanted to do our own thing. We felt inspired by it, but we never wanted to be like it. We never wanted to emulate it. We never wanted to copy or replicate anything we heard.”

Recently for the same interview, Saunderson came with a statement:

“What I can say for the future is that we’re working on a tour now, for all three of us as the Belleville Three. We’re gonna try to kick it off next year, and it’s gonna start out with DJing and evolve into a much bigger thing, too.”

Now it’s up to us to wait and see what these three legends have prepared for the audience in the next coming of 2017.

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique

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