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BICEP announce “Chroma” new label, new hybrid show and single

BICEP announce new "Chroma" project, labe, new hybrid show and single

BICEP announce “Chroma” new label, new hybrid show and single

Bicep have just announced- CHROMA, an ambitious new project that promises to redefine their musical and visual output. The CHROMA initiative is set to include a new record label, an innovative event series, and a captivating hybrid audio/visual show, among other elements.

Last year, at a sold-out Drumsheds show attended by a staggering 15,000 fans, Bicep first teased the visuals for CHROMA, hinting at the scale and creativity behind this new project. Now, they’re revealing more about what CHROMA entails, kicking off with the release of their new single ‘CHROMA 001 HELIUM’—a significant debut for the CHROMA record label.

Bicep, comprising Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson, has outlined their vision for the CHROMA label as being “underground-focused.” They aim to delve into a broader spectrum of genres and influences, offering a fresh reflection of their evolving musical tastes. The duo expressed their desire to showcase a more diverse range of their studio work, including heavier techno, ambient, and other styles that diverge from the traditional “Bicep” sound, which often remains unheard.

The unique visual identity of CHROMA was crafted in collaboration with David Rudnick of Terrain studio, later adapted for an immersive A/V live format with the help of BICEP LIVE artist Zak Norman. This collaboration was born out of a shared admiration for design and rave culture, with the intent to create a distinctive language for the CHROMA project.


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Their new single, ‘CHROMA 001 HELIUM,’ conceived specifically for their performance at London’s Alexandra Palace in 2022, introduces a darker, club-oriented sound. This shift reflects the duo’s current listening preferences and what they’re playing in their DJ sets, aiming to add a grittier dimension to their shows.

A series of CHROMA events have already been scheduled, featuring appearances at major festivals such as Coachella, AVA, Dekmantel, C2C, and more. These events will showcase the CHROMA LIVE concept, a dynamic mix between DJ sets and live performances, promising constant evolution and experimentation.

Bicep’s new project, CHROMA, represents not just a new chapter in their career but a broadening of their artistic horizon. With ‘CHROMA 001 HELIUM’ now available for listening on YouTube and other platforms, fans can get a first taste of what this new project has to offer.

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique