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Distortion Festival 2024 Highlights

Distortion Ø 2024 Sunrise Stage

Distortion Festival 2024 Highlights

Distortion Festival 2024 was my 8th edition of the festival since calling Copenhagen my second home. Since 2014 I have witnessed first-hand the development of Distortion Ø (Distortion Festival’s Final festival-type party at Refshaleøen). From Distortion Ø 2014 with Boys Noise & Skream playing at Blox & Walls climbing center, to Distortion Ø 2016 with Dixon playing amidst the containers. Last few years Distortion Ø has settled nicely, with fixed festival area, and is now offering a better festival experience; easily accessible stages, that get better with time, and a good variety of them, cool art installations, that get bigger and more creative, and plenty of bars and food trucks without big queues. Distortion Festival turning 26 this year, has come along way and has cemented its place as one the best festivals in Scandinavia.

Distortion Ø 2024, or the Grand Finale of the Distortion Festival week had a very Techno-focused line-up this year, with the likes of Sven Väth, Stephan Bodzin, Anfisa Letyago, I Hate Models, Klangkuenstler, Mall Grab, Sara Laundry, Partiboi69, Kettama, Dyen, DJ Heartstring and many other local and international acts. Here are some of my highlights from Distortion Ø 2024.

Distortion Ø- Friday


Kettama Distortion Ø 2024Kettama brought an infectious energy to the stage with his high-octane blend of house, techno, and breakbeat. His set was a masterclass in crowd engagement, as he effortlessly transitioned between pulsating beats and euphoric melodies. The Galway native’s ability to read the crowd and amplify their energy created an unforgettable atmosphere, with festival-goers dancing relentlessly and reveling in the infectious vibe he cultivated.


DJ HEARTSTRING Distortion Ø 2024DJ Heartstring delivered a dynamic set that perfectly encapsulated their genre-blurring style. Known for their unique fusion of trance, techno, and rave elements, DJ Heartstring’s performance was a journey through deep grooves and uplifting rhythms. Their seamless mixing and intuitive track selection kept the crowd enthralled, responding with unbridled enthusiasm to every drop and build. The synergy between DJ Heartstring and the audience was palpable, making their set a festival highlight.

I Hate Models

I Hate Models Distortion Ø 2024I Hate Models captivated the audience with his raw, emotional approach to techno. His set was an intense, immersive experience that took listeners on a dark and powerful journey. Known for his deeply personal and evocative sound, I Hate Models’ performance was marked by its relentless energy and profound impact. The crowd was mesmerized, swaying to the haunting beats and responding with fervent applause, creating a deeply connected and electrifying atmosphere.

Distortion Ø- Saturday

Anfisa Letyago

Anfisa Letyago Distortion Ø 2024Anfisa Letyago made a memorable debut at Distortion Festival 2024 with her commanding presence and exceptional talent. Her big-room techno set was a whirlwind of powerful basslines and hypnotic rhythms, demonstrating her prowess as a DJ. The Italian prodigy’s ability to build and sustain energy throughout her performance kept the crowd in a state of ecstatic motion, resulting in an unforgettable dance floor experience that resonated with everyone present.


Partiboi69 Distortion Ø 2024Partiboi69 brought a dose of humor and high-energy antics to his set, making it one of the most entertaining performances of the festival. Known for his eclectic style and playful stage presence, Partiboi69 seamlessly mixed genres, infusing his set with unexpected twists and turns. His unique blend of techno, electro, and hip-hop elements kept the crowd on their toes, responding with laughter, cheers, and non-stop dancing. The infectious joy and spontaneity of his performance left a lasting impression on all who witnessed it.

Distortion Festival 2024 “A celebration of street life and new dance music”, did just that. Diverse sounds, electrifying performances, with each DJ bringing their unique flair to the event. The acts and the attendees all encapsulated perfectly the festival’s spirit. See you in 2025!


Images copyrights – Distortion Festival 2024

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique