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Progressive Astronaut | Official Launch Night at The Qube Project

Progressive Astronaut | Official Launch Night at The Qube Project

At the beginning of May something special happened in London, the Progressive Astronaut Party. With the closures of so many legendary venues in the recent years some people might think that now it’s harder than ever to do your own night in the English capital but we are here to prove that everything is possible as long as you are really passionate about what you do and give it all your love and lots of hard work.
You might already know the Youtube Channel – Progressive Astronaut, which gathered many followers over the last 12 months. Behind Progressive Astronaut Nigel Milevoj. A guy from Croatia, who loves and supports releases by different artists and labels with the core of the music being the progressive element. He was brave enough to go out there and do his own night in one of the biggest cities for electronic music – London. The venue for the first ever Progressive Astronaut party was The Qube Project. On 06.05.2016 was our first time at the venue and we were left with really good impressions. The sound was really good and the lights and effects during the event were used perfectly at certain times of the night. But what is more important than the venue are the heroes of the night in the face of Arnas D, Dale Middleton, Kastis Torrau and Donatello. All of them are releasing quality music and what is more important they are consistent which is something that not many artists are able to achieve nowadays.

Arnas D played first and he gave the fans a nice mixture of deep and tech house just to warm them up. At 1.30am Dale Middleton took over and honestly he delivered a great set with melodic stuff, tougher tracks and a few really emotional and epic pieces. His magical journey finished exactly at 3.30am, when behind the decks stepped in Kastis Torrau and Donatello, who came in to close the night. Just as Dale Middleton they didn’t disappoint us and delivered their distinct sound for which they are well known for. We heard their track Ida, as well as Kastis Torrau‘s remix of Intergalactic Summer (which you can listen to and buy here). To make all these moments even more special the organizer brought in a real astronaut to the party in a space suit and he was dancing with the crowd and taking photos with them. We had a really great time it’s been a while since there was a proper progressive night in London. Progressive Astronaut did a great first party and it was nice to see that even the staff in the club was dancing and having fun just like everybody else. All the people were there for the music, which is the most important thing at the end of the day.

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Review by Alexander Stoyanov 

Written By: Alexander Stoyanov

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