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TSC Cast #035 | Drafted

Drafted - Podcast for The Sound Clique

TSC Cast #035 | Drafted

Lightning from South Italy, Drafted is an artist who lashes out not just strength, but at the same time awareness of the contemporary Techno scene. Drafted already released three strong productions for two fast growing labels such as MM Audio and Balans Records, proposing an argument that alternates classic with a sincere attitude and search for a strong personal and disenchanted way. His adolescence was accompanied with classical studies, Alternative Rock and Jazz, cementing a background of “passionate collision” with equipment that opened his world of electronic music.

The first work of 2015, “Stilling Pattern”, is a 12 inch disc in which he strikes with dub foundations and techy intentions. “Frames From The Lake” is also a 12 inch disc released by Drafted for Balans Records in 2016, where an obscure mood pervades his entire work, enhancing with the initial ambient track which gave its name. With his third EP, “Different Forms Of Expressions”, Drafted is taking another step towards the future. Strong support comes from names like Ben Clock, DVS1, Ryan Elliott, Francois X and especially Ben Sims. 

Can you first tell us what exactly made you decide to become an artist?

I would say that artist, for me has always been a very abused word. To become an artist and therefore, someone who first creates and impresses in music, their way of being, it is something that is not easy to define, especially in times in which we live, where everything is easy and obvious. But it is also true that music, and therefore art itself is defined as precisely because it must be something both personal and original. I consider myself on a good path, I hope to continue to always do well.

When and how do you think your breakthrough happened?

Honestly, when I started working with my ideas and not with strong influences, I realized that it was the right way. I think Frames From the lake on Balans has paved my way. However, I would also say that the constant work over the years and the great commitment have brought me to new opened doors and to new ways and ideas of making music.

How would you describe the process of finding your own sound and whose influences have been present during that process?

I would be disgraceful, if I say that I don’t draw inspiration from artists who have marked my path. I think it is basic, even the great artists in rock music, when they did interviews, saying that in order to create, we must continue on the road taken by other artists you take inspiration from. Like a diary, you take it in your hands and you continue to write in it. Honestly, I love taking inspiration from nature and its sounds. I love storms and winter days, all dark and emotional as my music is.

Describe an ordinary day in the studio. How does the production process start for you and what are you working on at the moment? Which are your favorite hardware and software weapons in the studio these days?

As soon as I step into the studio, first, I try to understand how to approach the work, so maybe if I have clear ideas, I do not hide that sometimes they seem blurry, so I can not pull up anything. That doesn’t always happen, of course. I try to create at least two main sounds, and then arrange the rest. The process isn’t always easy, because in recent times I have become more fussy and therefore, I spend a lot of time getting to the sound that seems more appropriate. At the moment, I work with a small modular system, analog drums and efx, which help me a lot in the phase of creating sound, a plug-in synonymous with constant use is Reaktor of Native instruments, which in my opinion remains one of the best.

Is it true that you are planning to start playing live soon? How do you prepare for that?

Yes, I’m about to complete my first live set, and I must say that I’m very happy with this. I hope to propose it soon, but I do not want to reveal more than this, so I will leave it as a mystery.

If you could perform anywhere with any artists (dead or alive), where and who would that be and why? Moreover, if you had to choose 3 tracks to convey your particular musical spirit to the audience, which would they be?

I already had this opportunity about three years ago when I played with Jeff Mills and Oscar Mulero at Guendalina. I sincerely consider them pillars. Without them we would not have many fundamental nuances and innovations, in today’s techno. The traces that convey my way of understanding myself as an artist towards the public are without doubt:

Boards of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country, where I love the dark and decidedly traveling atmosphere;

Aphex Twin – Polynomial C, does not need presentation, with its art makes me dizzy every time I listen;

Brian Eno – An Ending, which describes my full being.

Apart from your project Drafted, you are also working under another alias Fragment Dimension. Can you tell us more about it, and what are the differences between both of them?

I am proud of the project Fragment Dimension, with two of my friends: Kaelan and Unthone, artists that I respect a lot, music lovers for many years now, as well as great and brilliant producers. The project was born from the idea of creating through our different ideas, a uni-vocal conception of our  own way of making music, then with live traces that are currently completely unpublished, but that will soon find light, with releases that at the moment I can not unveil.

What can we expect from you, both as Drafted and Fragment Dimension?

With my moniker Drafted I am working diligently in the studio at the moment , as well as on my live, I am making many works that I hope will soon be released. I’m also working on an EP for the label Edit Select Records, owned by Edit Select, plus other releases on side that I leave shrouded in mystery. For the project Fragment, I am working with my friends. It is a project that will soon provide us gigs, but I can only say this for now.

And before we end up this interview, would you like to share more about the original message you wanted to transmit with this exclusive mix you did for our podcast series?

I simply want to say that with this mix that I made, I have impressed on it, the precise and variable flow, which alternates strong emotions and more reflective moods. I tried to bring the listener into my world for at least an hour.

Connect with Drafted on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Written By: Elena Arsova

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