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Rilindja Warehouse opens its doors once more for Hapësira’s 5th Edition

Hapësira Rilindja Warehouse

Rilindja Warehouse opens its doors once more for Hapësira’s 5th Edition

Hapësira’s editions, is just something you want to hear as often as possible and on this grainy February month – they have something to say the least, special, in store for us. On the 16th of February at 22:00, the Hapësira organisation will mark its fifth edition, opening the doors of the already known building – the old print house Rilindja Warehouse, magnetising the devotees, as well as the newcomers of this young, yet promising music venue. The line-up for the 5th edition of Hapësira is:

Etapp Kyle (Klockworks / Unterton UA)

Anetha (BLOCAUS / Reclaim Your City, FR)

Vegim & Flekitza

Leo Lumezi

Uran B.

Once again Hapësira is turning its revolutionary ideas, of collecting and unifying the contemporary art scene in Kosovo. Yet what gives this particular unification a new dimension? Doubtlessly, their courage of choosing an old abandoned print house, which seems untouched by time, but not separated from its connotation. Furthermore, the hosts themselves are the main reason why they pursue the unconventional concept of organising events away from the regular club routine. Hapësira’s very own Uran Badivuku, who mixed a pinnacle guest DJ mix on our Podcast series, outlines:

“We move away from the routine club environment into industrial space, a place where the industrial potential has eroded, makes people re-think the past and our socio-cultural riches, whereby, the collective conscious comes into being. It is particularly through this that society gives birth to a revolution, which seeks to reinforce this collective conscious through the potential abandoned industrial warehouses have, similar to Kosovo’s abandoned humanity. Through revitalizing the importance of the warehouse, same as its past significance, we try to instill some of the purer values, characterized by social well-being.”

Hapësira’s chosen artists of their previous edition – SHDW & Obscure Shape have highlighted Rilindja Warehouse as their best 2016 experience/party in an interview for the prominent German GROOVE-Magazine – an answer which once again confirms Rilindja’s paramount background. The same distinguished magazine ranked SHDW & Obscure Shape as “#1 Newcomers of 2016”.

RWV: Etapp Kyle + Anetha ■ Hapësira, PR

The “V”ideo speaks for itself. See you all on THURSDAY.

Event: bit.ly/RWVevent
Tickets: bit.ly/RWVPhaseII


Posted by Hapësira on Monday, February 13, 2017

This time, again, with a special and carefully selected artists, Hapësira reveals what is the mission behind their work, which is not just starting a revolution and staying true to it by bringing stars, but making them.

For more details and tickets for  the RWV: Etapp Kyle + Anetha | Prishtina, KS event click here.

Written By: Elena Arsova

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