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German company Ballfinger unveil their new audio analogue equipment


German company Ballfinger unveil their new audio analogue equipment

The German Industrial product designing company – Ballfinger, have unveiled their gorgeous analogue audio equipment. The two products have hints of vintage artfulness and minimalistic design at its finest. Many of the components are manufactured in Ballfingers own manufacturing facilities – Drive, pick-up systems, Control panels, etc.

The M 063 tape recorder, as the company says, “is to be aimed at the professional user as well as for the ambitious music lover”. It is stable and stiff with aluminum chassis, silent with minimal distortion, powerful and prime at sound. The recorder runs 12ni tape reels. It can be operated with up to 38 centimeters of tape speed per second and has a high-resolution, digital counter with all the associated features and functions. It has integrated controlled winding speeds and a processor controlled drive, which prevents the tape from looping or stretching.

This baby will make your wallet sweat, as reported it will cost 27000€.

The turntable – Schallplattenspieler PS 2, is as the company describes it: “the first record player whose radial arm has been combined with a processor-controlled linear guide” making it a straight arm without any tracking angles and no skating force. It should be very accurate and consistent since it has two microprocessors that are operating independently form one another.

Both machines look and will sound fantastic as the specifications given can certify and assure.

Start saving up music lovers!

Written By: Dziugas Benikas

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