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Tale of us announced their debut LP, “Endless”

Tale of Us

Tale of us announced their debut LP, “Endless”

Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte, the Italian duo, better known as – Tale of us have made an imprint in recent years, releasing emerging standouts for Life & Death, R&S and their own Afterlife. They have defined the dance music scene with their combination of dark, emotional and deep tech-house grooves. Now, they have officially announced their debut full-length album LP “Endless”. The LP is long anticipated by their fans around the globe and the announcement surely had their heads turning of curiosity and excitement, after it was in the works since 2011.

The debut album is set for release on March 31st via Germany’s Deutsche Grammophon label, one of the world’s foremost classical record venue. The album will consist of 10 tracks, which are described by the label as “a haunting mix of otherworldly textures and melodies embedded in contemporary sound”. The LP may consist a brew of soundtrack lines and classical tropes with electronic music, comparable to their 2015 track “Distante”, which will be re-released on the album.

Track list

1. Definizione Dell’Impossibile
2. Alla Sera
3. Ricordi
4. Oltre La Vita
5. Dilemma
6. Notte Senza Fine
7. Destino
8. Distante
9. Venatori
10. Quello Che Resta

Mark your calendar! March 31st, Tale of us “Endless” via Deutsche Grammophon .

Written By: Dziugas Benikas

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