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Progressive Astronaut | Total Eclipse Of The Moon

Progressive Astronaut party

Progressive Astronaut | Total Eclipse Of The Moon

After the first event back in May this year we were wondering when would be the next Progressive Astronaut party. Fortunately, it didn’t take them long to do the second one and this time it was even  bigger and better. The people who keep an eye on their Facebook and Youtube can tell how broad is the music that they support and share with their fans on a daily basis and such was the case with the lineup. This time Progressive Astronaut had 4 big names on the progressive scene – Sonic Union, Cid Inc., the legend Dave Seaman and one of the best producers at the moment, Dmitry Molosh. You can check out the Live videos recorded at the event here.

Progressive Astronaut party Nigel and Jessica

Progressive Astronaut founder Nigel, together with his label partner and event organizer Jessica 

I knew that this was going to be a quality night, but didn’t want to have any expectations before it as it was our first time listening to all these amazing artists. Arriving at the club at 11:15pm and there were already people on the dancefloor enjoying the warm-up by the Progressive Astronaut himself. At midnight The Real Xperience took over the decks and did a really nice job by raising the tempo a bit and setting the atmosphere for what was to come. At 1am Sonic Union started playing and from that moment until the very end at 6am everybody at the Qube Project was on a beautiful journey through space and time. It was one of those nights where you go without expectations, without trying to catch every track played by the artists but instead, just enjoy the night, dance with all the lovely people who were there for the music. At 2am it was time for Cid Inc. who did a really groovy and melodic set with a few of his own productions and remixes and set the bar even higher for the headliner of the night in the face of Dave Seaman. It wouldn’t be fair to say that there was no headliner but really for us all the DJ’s that night did an amazing job and brought the smile to people’s faces. Dave Seaman started at 3:30am and was playing banger after banger all the way until 5am. A pure heavy and peak-time set, with energizing everybody inside the club, before Dmitry Molosh took over to finish the Progressive Astronaut party.

Progressive Astronaut party

Dmitry Molosh closing Progressive Astronaut party at The Qube Project, London

Few people in the UK know about Dmitry Molosh, but it is fair to say that he is one of the best producers in the progressive scene. He played the perfect closing set with some of his productions and really touched people’s hearts. It was amazing to see all these artists in one night and at the same place all with their distinct sound. Belarus, Croatia, England and Sweden were represented at this event by probably their finest artists at the moment and it was a pleasure to share this journey with them and all the fans who didn’t stop dancing even for a second. Enjoying the great vibes with so many positive people without trying to take photos/videos doesn’t happen very often nowadays but this party was the perfect example that this is still possible when you have the right people at the right place and so much great music.

Connect with Progressive Astronaut and follow them for more events on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Written By: Alexander Stoyanov

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