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Maceo Plex samples legendary Alice Russell & Quantic Soul Orchestra on ‘Cinemax’

Maceo Plex samples legendary Alice Russell & Quantic Soul Orchestra on ‘Cinemax’

Maceo Plex unveils his latest single titled ‘Cinemax’. Released via Ministry Of Sound and Ellum Audio, ‘Cinemax’ is available to stream and purchase from today.

Created this year in the midst of a global pandemic and much political uncertainty, ‘Cinemax’ is the follow up single to ‘Nu World’ which saw all proceeds donated to the American Civil Liberties Union’s campaign to fight voter suppression in the 2020 US election. ‘Cinemax’ sees Maceo Plex sample Alice Russell and The Quantic Soul Orchestra’s ‘Pushin’ On’, utilising the sample to symbolise resilience and unity as we move forward into the new year. 


“We are leaving the past behind. Time to unify, leave the racism and division behind us. The lyrics tell this story. The song itself is a deep chugger, always building with forwarding momentum” – Maceo Plex

‘Cinemax’ is a further exhibition of Maceo Plex’s signature studio output, fusing melodic house and brooding techno. A standout track in recent sets with fans and like-minded artists searching online for news of an official release, Alice Russell’s vocal sample is instantly recognizable and was also used on Oliver Dollar and Jimi Jules’ 2014 house hit ‘Pushing On’.

The pulsing bass and filters along with a new take on a classic vocal sample will please any Maceo or house fan.

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Written By: Lorne Ashley

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