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Baime – Dampfmaschine is out now on Radikon

Baime - Dampfmaschine is out now on Radikon

Baime – Dampfmaschine is out now on Radikon

Baime return to Radikon with Dampfmaschine, a full-blown ep featuring two originals and a remix by Radikon mainstay Tony Casanova.

The title track ‘Dampfmaschine’ is a minimalistic exercise in perfectly controlled chaos. Threading the needle with a punishingly effective drum arrangement and wildly pitching, oscillating synths, ‘Dampfmaschine’ is a rare coup in dance music. A track with many faces, it conjures feelings that are uplifting, melancholy, energetic and artfully minimalistic. An instant classic in our book.

Where ‘Dampfmaschine’ is drenched in analog warmth, ‘If You Told Her’ is wild and menacing. A shuddering array of beautifully engineered synths and drones seem to call to each other over a thundering orchestra of martial percussion. ‘If You Told Her’ is a beautiful example of Baime’s ability to take a track to the brink of insanity, not so far as to descend into madness, but far enough to create a mesmerizing and truly unique piece of electronic dance music.

Tony Casanova ups the tempo with his take on ‘Dampfmaschine’. Energetic drums and synth stabs give the track a more tribal and rolling feeling, while a compact kick and shimmering focus on the high-end seem to lift the track out of the depths in a buoyant reimagination.

Baime are bold, and are growing bolder with every release. Their tracks are daring, wild and heavy with experimentation, but still retain a brutal effectiveness that will slay any dancefloor. With ‘Dampfmaschine’, Baime shows that they are at the top of their game and won’t be stopping anytime soon.


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Written By: Antonio Taveira

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