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TSC Cast #032 | Voices Of Valley

Voices of Valley - The Sound Clique Podcast

TSC Cast #032 | Voices Of Valley

In 2018, the Greek capital – Athens still lives the spectra of its antiquity. Working on the sound identity, Valantis Likostratis – Valano and George Triantafillakis from the duo Voices Of Valley, are tied to the city’s ancestry. These two friends based in this capital, are artists who subsist on their ideology, expressing themselves through music.

Their production sings obscure and melodic entities, always transiting between an introspective voyage of relief and tension, abstract forms that take shape while being expressed through ethereal synths of constant evolution. Voices Of Valley complements the identity of a finest duo that radiates different techno variations.

We caught up with the Greek duo right before their remixes on Mia Mendi, THC and Against The the Time are released, to discover how Voices Of Valley was born and how the future looks for them.

Hello guys and thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Can you tell us more about the history of Voices of Valley? When and where did you meet and how did everything start for you?

Valano: We met three years ago when George first sent me music for my label Us & Them Records. Me and George didn’t share the same background. George’s music was more deep and not 100% my style but through me, he decided to change his music identity…

Valano, you were already familiar to the Greek audience with your solo project. What about you, George? Furthermore, how do you make Voices of Valley project work with your solo careers?

We work as Voices Of Valley and, of course, as solo artists but our goal as VOV is to share our music with specific artists and certain gigs… So most of the time we both work on our VOV project and not as much on our solo projects.

What hardware and software does your setup consist of? Moreover, what is your favorite piece of equipment currently hanging in your studio and why?

We have an iMac 27”, our sound card is MOTU Ultra Lite Hybrid and our speakers are Yamaha HS 80M & Focal A6.  Our hardware equipment consists of Moog Sub37, Strymon Big Sky reverb, Nold Lead 2x, Kord Minilogue, Roland TR-8, Quasar Rack, Kord MicroKorg, Elektron Analog Rytm and we will buy a Behringer Model D synth. In the past we had Arturia Minibrute and some other synths that we decided to give away.

What was the process of preparing your upcoming remixes for Mia Mendi, THC and Against the Time? What was the analogue/digital gear you used whilst creating it?

Against The Time remix is fully made with analog equipment. We used Analog Rytm for Drums and Rhythms, Nord Lead for pads and strings, Moog Sub37 for bass and leads and, of course, big sky for FX. THC was crashed seven times… We did seven different versions and finally the last one that worked was only with VST’s. Mia Mendi’s remix hasn’t started yet.

Can we expect any future collaboration between you and the Steyoyoke label, bearing in mind you already released one remix for the Steyoyoke family (Erly Tepshi – Hard to love)?

Yes! We released a remix for our friend Erly Tepshi on Soul Button’s label Steyoyoke and signed a new track called ‘’Alfheim’’ for the next Ethereal Techno 006.

Do you have a favorite club or venue to play at and what is the most memorable show you have played so far? What shows are you planning for the remaining of 2018?

Valano: Two of my favorite gigs this year were at Temple Club, Athens on Modular Expansion Records’ showcase with Monoloc, Earth Club – Thessaloniki with Boston 168 and, of course, my residency at Tokyo City Bar in Thessaloniki. As Voices Of Valley I really enjoyed sharing the decks with Locked Groove & Agents Of Time and Patrice Bäumel at PIXI’s events.

Before we end up this interview, can you guys tell us what else can we expect from Us & Them Showcases during the summer season, regarding future guests, dates etc.?

Valano: Nothing for now, the season starts in September at Tokyo City Bar as usual. I am starting a new vinyl record label with a good friend and huge producer but I can’t share any details yet.

Connect with Voices Of Valley on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Written By: Elena Arsova

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