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TSC Cast #017 | Craig Townsend

Craig Townsend Cover

TSC Cast #017 | Craig Townsend

What software and hardware do you use when you make music? Is there usually an aim for a certain sound or you prefer to go with the flow?

When it comes to software, I am fully fledged Ableton Live user, and have been for around 4 years. My go to synth for production is typically of the additive nature, however more recently I have been throwing my cards in favour of resampling samples I have designed. In terms of looking for a certain sound yes.. Being that my trance influence is sooo strong, having been very passionate about that scene for near on a decade now, and my doing experience of 10 years as a house dj. I have tried fusing the pair of styles together as well as I can. what defines me I believe is the moments where you get the hairs that stand on end on the back of my neck. So melodically is where I always begin with my projects both original and when on remix duties.

Who are the people who inspired you the most?

I have two inspirations Mr Daniel Kandi (Melodically is a Genius) and Guy J (Drums and Groove)

How do you approach a DJ set?

Actually when it comes to prepping I am quite lazy. I give myself an idea of what sort of tracks I want to play, but in three or four different types of sets. I have been doing for about 12 years now, So I know from experience how things can change upon arrival at any venue. In this case I have one track I want to build around for Bloque which is a new release I have coming up on THNK Recordings (Armada Music). Then I will go from there… I am a strong believer in impressing in the first few seconds of a set.. so I try to enter with a memorable introduction track. My story so far is that I have been a warm up act, rarely taking on many main slots. All around my mental preparation is very strict.. I have my rituals (maybe like any Artist does) a shot of Rum / Jack Daniels to ease my into a more relaxed mind set. I must add though.. for me its not ALL about the music, I like to think I am performer and the overall experience, music tied with it being and ‘act’ per se, at the end of the day I want people to remember what they saw not just what they heard.

What can we expect from your set at Bloque Festival in Greece on 20th of July?

My ideal route of interest is going to be very much more melodic techno focused.. I have some extremely interesting new tracks sent across to me.. but I shall be building it around 3 of my new tracks. You def will get a set of teasingly long breakdowns which encourage the ‘Rabbit Hole’ senses, with epic melodic content.

Why have you chosen the moniker ‘Dark Architects’ and what is the idea behind the name?

Actually, when I came up with the idea for Dark Architects, I wanted to find something that could sit on the shelf and be easily manipulated over time, but was sustainable to the test of time. Also I wanted it to relate to my story and have a story of its own. So Architecture I thought was an ideal route to go down, as it opens up avenues to expand whilst allowing it to keep in line with the principle image and ideology that sits beneath it.

What more can we expect from you until the end of 2017?

Of course Bloque Festival is the next step forward in Greece… then on the 5th August I am warming up Trance Sanctuary Boat Party in London. And getting another confirmed date from the Bloque Team upon my arrival in Kavala on Thursday. Other confirmations with my manager (We Are Trance Management) are in discussion at the moment. So no dates can be released just yet.

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Written By: Alexander Stoyanov

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