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TSC Behind The Decks | WetYourSelf


TSC Behind The Decks | WetYourSelf

WetYourSelf! Recordings was founded in 2010. The label is a musical extension of the club night running every Sunday night for the past 10 years in one of the best clubs for electronic music in the world – Fabric London. Besides the regular parties here at Culture Box, WetYourSelf! have done label showcases all over the world from the legendary Space Ibiza, to D.edge in Sao Paulo, Watergate in Berlin and many more. This Saturday, 5th of August, we are welcoming back WetYourSelf! for a 10 year anniversary night in Culture Box, DK. We at The Sound Clique caught up with the guys from WetYourSelf! before their upcoming club night here in Copenhagen.

Hello guys, pleasure to have you! Let’s start of first by introducing you. Who stands behind WetYourSelf!? And furthermore, how and why did you start the WetYourSelf! party in Fabric London?
WYS! is Directed by Jacob Husley and Peter Pixzel. We do all the bookings and have played at pretty much every party since the beginning. We initially started the party to create a platform for our own music, and invite artists we would like to listen to.

Why Sundays?
We felt there was something missing on Sunday nights in London, for the people who work in hospitality and can’t go out Fridays and Saturdays, and in general the vibe in London on Sundays is great!

You turned 10 this year! What are you grateful for and is there anything you wish you did differently?
We feel very privileged and grateful to have kept our residency in fabric London for so long, being able to play on that system every week is more than anyone can ask for really! I think the only regret would be not to put out more of our own music, we both produce a lot and play it out, but have been really bad in getting it released, and then after a while you feel it sounds too old to what you’re making now and you repeat that circle. It’s our aim now to get more of our music out and have a lot of releases in the pipeline

After 10 years, how do you manage to keep the parties fresh and to always be on top of your game?
The love for the music and the excitement for playing is the same as when we started, so this and the constant search for new music and artists to to present on our night is what keeps it fresh.

Apart from the WetYourself! parties, you are running the WetYourself! label for 5 years now. In what direction do you see the label going in the next 5 years, and what are your top 3 fav label releases of 2017 so far (on your label and outside of it)?
We have had a break with WYS! Recordings for the past year during the closure of fabric and the fight to get it back we had very little time or energy for anything else. We are now starting up again and are working on a big 10 years of WYS! Compilation that will come out end of the year digitally and 3 vinyl samplers before. The sound of the label has always been a reflection of the night and therefore quite diverse between house and techno and not pigeonholed into a specific sound, just music we are feeling and that we would play at the club .

What is your proudest moment?
Maybe it was reaching the 10 years, it was a big milestone, over 500 consecutive Sunday parties in fabric … playing the b2b closing set on the birthday to a full club was a proud moment for sure.

You have a great relationship with Culture Box, where you have held amazing parties w/ special guests Chris Liebing, Kollektiv Turmstrasse and more. What do you have in store this time, and do you want to tell something to your friends and fans in Copenhagen?
We are very grateful to have this long standing residency in the Culture Box, the vibe is always great, but this event will be special for us as we are not bringing a big guest on this night but will do the whole night b2b and be able to really take everyone on a journey through our sound.

WetYourSelf! 10 year anniversary at Culture Box, event link here.

Connect with WetYourSelf! on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique

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