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TSC Behind The Decks | Jewel Kid

Jewel Kid

TSC Behind The Decks | Jewel Kid

Today on Behind The Decks we have an artist, which needs no introduction. Born in Malta, Jewel Kid has been in love with electronic music and has gotten involved with it before he was even legal to enter nightclubs. Today, over a decade later, he is a globetrotting DJ travelling the world and playing some of the most renowned club venues such as Space Ibiza, Sankeys Ibiza, Egg London, City Hall Barcelona, Cielo New York More and Womb Tokyo to name a few. Creator of numerous best selling Beatport tracks for Suara, Tronic, Sleaze, Break New Soil, and his very own record label Alleanza (which is the 10th best selling techno label on Beatport), Jewel Kid is back with a brand new EP. Find out what was the inspiration behind it, and get in personal with Jewel Kid in our latest interview.

Was it always easy for you to find your own sound both, as a producer and a DJ?
To be honest, I was never trying to find my own sound, especially in the studio. Every day I go in with a fresh mind and let things flow naturally. I really think that is the best way to approach any form of art.

Do you think sticking to one sound in your entire career is too safe or do you think as an artist you have to continuously innovate yourself and your sound?
Again this is a matter of letting your instinct take control and not force anything. At least this is how I work. It’s all about reflecting your true inner self and let the innovation of your art evolve on its own.

Are there any influences that could be noticed in your production? Do you have a person or an artist, who inspired you the most?
I am mostly inspired by everyday life. The people I meet and the places I visit all resonate with what comes out from the studio. I don’t really like to listen to music from other artists before I go in a session, because that could take an effect on my creativity.

Your newest EP is coming out on your label Alleanza. What has been the original inspiration behind it and how would you define its sound with words?
This EP is very special for me because it echoes with the musical transition that I am going through right now. “Father of Angels” has an atmospheric dynamic feel with a propulsive placement of drum programming while “Rejekted” continues to express my stronger driving side that I have now became known for.

(Jewel Kid’s latest EP – Road Not Taken, out on Sleaze Records 20th of February)

Speaking of your label, what is the story behind the name of your label Alleanza?
Alleanza means alliance in my Maltese language. I wanted a name that expresses collectiveness with a durable state of outcome. Something that brings the artists together to form a chain reaction that by time brings out a particular sound from the label.

Which qualities a single track needs to possess in order to be released under the name of Alleanza?
We receive a lot of good tracks which could easily be played in my sets, but for it to get signed to the label it has to have that special something that instantly grabs our attention. It is impossible to put down in words what that special something is because most of the time it is something that we haven’t heard before.

What is the motivation and concept behind the artwork for Alleanza’s releases? And would you mind sharing, who is the artist behind them?
From the start I wanted something that portrays strength, sophistication and mystery. Mythical gods and ancient figures was something that always interested me so it was quite instinctive when it came to choose the art concept for the label. The artist that does all these is my good friend Malcolm Abdilla from Malta, who amazes me with his work every time!

What more can we expect from Jewel Kid in 2017?
This year is already looking very interesting for me as an artist. I’ve got a handful of releases coming up which I’m really looking forward to. Alleanza and Sleaze are the first two labels that will release my work this year and both EP’s fill the bill in my scale. I’m also really worked up for some very interesting gigs I’ve got coming up, all of which I will be posting about on my Jewel Kid Facebook page.

Connect with Jewel Kid on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique

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