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The return of Copenhagen’s IG60 – Volume 2

IG60 Volume 2 - Cover Photo

The return of Copenhagen’s IG60 – Volume 2

Over the past 3 years IG60 has quickly established itself as one of the best electronic music events in Copenhagen. The concept is simple – the lineup is never announced, there’s always both local and international acts performing, and the focus is on quality deep electronic music and to create a hedonistic and laid-back atmosphere for like-minded people. As the guys behind IG60 – the CPH Deep crew like to call it ‘the love cave’. This year IG60 underwent some changes and is now back with IG60 Volume 2, happening this Saturday – even link here. This was a perfect opportunity for us to catch up with two of the members of CPH Deep Kipp and Ian Bang, and see what they have in-store for us this weekend. 

Hello guys good to have you on our website again. We are here today to talk about the return of IG60 ‘Volume 2’, the hedonistic love cave for deep electronic music. For the people, who have visited IG60 before, can you announce any teasers? And for the people, who have never been to your party before, how can you describe it in 1 sentence, and what can they expect?

Kipp : Besides music, great artists and DJs as the primary thing that drives the club, we’ll have further additions to the love cave, like different installations and performances that will complement the overall vibe. What exactly that implies you’ll have to come experience for yourself. 

Privileged Sexy Rave Sanctuary.

Ian: Well, we can’t really announce anything, that’s the whole concept of the party 😉 What we can say is that anyone that shows up have to “work really hard” at getting disappointed!

We generally describe it as our “love cave” and a “hedonistic free space”, and everyone participates in making the special atmosphere!

Recently this year you moved to a new location, where you already hosted your previous party. Can you tell us more about the location? Are you going to keep the same intimate club vibes, as well as your signature ceiling pipe-bar lights?
Kipp: We’ll definitely have some signature familiar stuff that will cater to the partygoers, but we also have a lot of new ideas going forward that we’ll test out to shake things up and keep the party and experience fresh!  

Ian: We had the KPH Volume location scouted out as location for our Katermukke Showcase we had back in March – and the venue is great! It’s definitely a bit of a different vibe than the basement in the outer rim of the meatpacking district, but seeing as the whole concept has grown a bit, we were ready to let the venue grow with it. 


Can you share any teasers about the upcoming IG60 events in 2018-2019?
Kipp: Expect interaction!

KB18, a club in Meatpacking District Copenhagen, hosting electronic music parties, closed down last month. It was one of the places where many different promoters hosted regular parties. With the club closed down, how do you think this will affect the events hosted there and the local scene as a whole? Do you predict a decline in electronic music events in Copenhagen, or a creative approach from the promoters and a chance to experiment with new locations?
As sad as the closing down of KB18 was, we believe everyone should try to stay positive and see it as an opportunity for new initiatives to blossom as the new club “Ved Siden af”, and as long as there are promoters in Copenhagen and pop-up parties – raves will continue being part of the nightlife, always have and always will be.

Change can be hard, but is also a necessity for progress.

Ian: It’s always sad to see a venue close down – many of our members have had some good gigs there to help define them on the scene. And we’ve experienced a lot of good names there over the years – not to mention our own parties with Einmusik, Jonas Saalbach, Ruede Hagelstein, TheGround, etc. But there was always a time clock on that venue, as the municipality earmarked that property to have a school built. The scene is thriving as never before, and I’m pretty sure many of the forces behind KB18 will soon enough find a new venue to roam! Some of the crews have already “moved in” to Ved Siden Af.

As mentioned, I think the scene is thriving as never before, and I don’t expect a decline – event crews are resilient, and will pop up in unexpected places!

What more can we expect from you guys as a crew for remainder of 2018 and can you share any teasers about what’s coming up in 2019?

Kipp: Once IG60 is in the bag CPH DEEP will take-over Culture Box on the 1st of December, bringing back one of our favorite DJs and producers Ruede Hagelstein from Berlin (you can catch interview with him on CPH Deep’s website). Concerning 2019 we’ll throw a party roughly every month and we’ll continue developing our IG60 concept and we have some biiig booking ahead which of course we can’t reveal, but yeah definitely exciting things to come next year.

Ian: And of course our BIG NEW YEARS PARTY with Bebetta and Innellea, both flown in from Germany. Tickets are available now on Billetto – you can buy yours below. 

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Thank you for the interview guys and see you in the ‘Love Cave’ this weekend!

Kipp: Thanks for the invite, hope to see every electronic music freak on saturday 💋
Ian: Yes, we sure will!

Find more info about IG60 in Facebook’s event here

Photography copyrights Emil Agerskov

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique

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