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Radeckt Mizmar EP is out on Frau Blau

Radeckt Mizmar EP is out on Frau Blau

Radeckt Mizmar EP is out on Frau Blau

A continual steady flow of quality oozing from Tel Aviv via Frau Blau. A label that from its first release made a statement, and just keep bringing the quality.

Radeckt is a Copenhagen based Dj and producer who moves around the genre of melodic house & techno. His music has graced MoBlack, AEON, Récits de Mars and Atmosphere, and here makes his Frau Blau debut.

‘Mizmar’ is a hypnotic whirling synth-laden viber, with its infectious groove add some mystique, before the sharp sounding top line adds energy and drive. Its a biggie. Turkish man of the moment Murat Uncuoglu steps up on remix duties, and as expected brings the filthiness. A driving re-tweak with the original elements used to the max, but with additional energy and swagger. Rounding things off with ‘Ambrosia’, a bubbling and melodious gem, deep yet chunky, and takes you on a journey for your mind.

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Written By: Antonio Taveira

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