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Invōker – Râ EP is out now on Sum Over Histories

Invōker - Râ EP is out now on Sum Over Histories

Invōker – Râ EP is out now on Sum Over Histories

Shortly after being featured on the Innervisions Secret Weapons 12, the Paris based artist Invōker has been rapidly establishing himself on the deep house and techno scene.

This time, he releases on Sum Over Histories, Frankey & Sandrino’s label with the EP “Râ” containing 4 new tracks delve deep in the world of electronica.

On side A, the heavy drums and melodic synths of “Râ” and “The Land of Dust” are designed for the late-night dancers. While the energetic and hypnotic lead in “Râ” will almost leave you in a state of trance.“The Land of Dust” gives us a bit of respite and a safe place to come back to decompress.

On side B, shows us a different aspect of INVŌKER’s repertoire and opens up with “Operture”, a symphonic feeling infused track reminiscent of some of Pink Floyd’s instrumental interludes. Finally, to close the EP, the kitsch italo-disco synths of “Meet Me At the Escape Pod” will make you tap your feet with an overwhelming feeling of joy and long for summertime. What a perfect way to end the journey.

Both vinyl and digital are available! Grab your copy or stream it below.

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Connect with Invōker on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Written By: Antonio Taveira

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