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TSC Behind The Decks| Youngr


TSC Behind The Decks| Youngr

In what is probably the most bizarre interview I have ever conducted, I spoke to electronic connoisseur Youngr about his now-live “Livestream Experience”.

A little bit about Youngr first, because, although his fans have been reverent about him since 2016, more recently, with an explosion of artists trying to do the same thing, Youngr still stands out as an expert in his field. Rarely engaging in filler or flair, he stays focused on the groove and engaged in the exploration of whatever he has created in that moment.

I’ve known Youngr for years, we’ve played in bands together, shared studios and featured on each others records. Currently we write, along with two others, as ‘Son of Kong’. Along with all this, we’re also related, which gave me the rare opportunity as interviewer to drop the formalities. We start ‘all-business’ but finish ‘all-banter’.

If you want to check out the show, the link is here.  Other links mentioned in the interview are below.





Written By: Lorne Ashley