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FFS Talks – Future Female Sounds 10.03

FFS Talks – Future Female Sounds 10.03

Future Female Sounds are ready with No. 2 of their FFS Talks series with FFS Academy.
The location will be Depot CPH
The date is 10.03.2022 and the event will be from 18:00 to 22:00 CET.

For this FFS Talks the topics  will be on diversity and industry understanding in the DJ field. The guests will be Melanie Nexø from United Stag, Thomas Jepsen and Nicklas Weis Damkjær from Roskilde Festival for a conversation with Aviaja, FFS DJ Academy’s Project Manager.
FFS Talks with discuss the guests own DJ / booker journey as well as the thought process of booking both local and international DJs, as well as the importance of a diverse representation on the club / festival stage.

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This talk will be in Danish *

Who are we with this time?

“Nicklas Weis Damkjær (he / he) is part of the Roskilde Festival’s booking committee and has set the booking program for ALICE since it was founded in 2018.
“I hope I can help give an insight into how we work with DJs at Roskilde Festival, and especially at ALICE.
I hope we can have an ongoing open dialogue about the DJ and club scene, so that we can motivate and help each other. I am very happy and excited to collaborate with FFS DJ academy. ”
Thomas Jepsen (he / him) are programs for the largest festival in Northern Europe, namely Roskilde Festival.
His main focus is on international artists within the following genres: Indie, electronic vibes, hip hop / rnb / pop and country / folk. Thomas has worked for Roskilde Festival since 2009 and started as a volunteer in the music committee but was hired full time in 2014.
Melanie Nexø (she / she) is Marketing and Product Manager at United Stage Denmark. United Stage is one of the largest music agencies in the Nordic region, representing over 300 artists and holding over 5000+ events a year.
On the roster have the famous Danish names like: Medina, Lukas Graham, Suspekt, Christopher, Scarlet Pleasure plus a lot of other upcoming artists.

Melanie does project management and supports the artists in creating and implementing marketing and brand strategies across different media platforms and SoMe channels.
Melanie started her DJ career at Future Female Sounds where she shares her love of hip-hop and neo-soul. In addition, she spices it up a bit with different genres such as house and funk. She is always looking for new artists and tracks that she can showcase in her DJ work.


Future Female Sounds DJ Academy is a free training course for emerging female, non-binary, and gender minority DJs in Nørrebro, who cultivates and supports the DJ talents of the future in technical education, industry understanding, music history, bookings, artist development and management.

Who are Future Female Sounds?
Future Female Sounds is a non-profit organization, a global community, and a booking agency for female and gender minority DJs, who since 2017 has been working on our mission to make DJing accessible to women and gender minorities globally. We have trained over 500 new DJs, and have recently opened the first community space and DJ Academy for women and gender minorities in Denmark, where we hold DJ Workshops, Masterclasses, events and networking. Globally, FFS has DJ Programs in Tunis, Beijing, Paris and Cairo.

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique

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