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How to support and donate to Ukrainian artists and civilians after the Russian invasion

"Support Ukrainians affected by the war"

How to support and donate to Ukrainian artists and civilians after the Russian invasion

Russia has shock of the world, when invaded its neighbouring country Ukraine. The war in Ukraine is creating a humanitarian crisis, with analysis saying up to 5 million Ukrainians could seek refuge in neighbouring countries like Poland, Romania, Hungary and others.

We at The Sound Clique have compiled a list of ways to help support not only Ukrainian artists, but also civilians, children, animals and the Ukrainian army.

  1. We are sharing an open-source sheet created by @ifonly_uk including a list of Ukrainian artists and music labels directly affected by the Russian invasion. In this list you can find the artist/label’s name, the genre they specialize in and a link to their Bandcamp, where you can support them.
List of Ukrainian artists and labels


You can also support the artists on other channels such as Beatport, Traxsource, streaming platforms etc. however Bandcamp is the most favorable because the artists will retain about 82% of the total funds. Moreover every first Friday of the month, Bandcamp waives their commission fees.

Other useful links:

1. On Stop Putin net you can find useful information and links for donations, foundations, Emergency response units Ukraine, upcoming Global rallies and protests against the war in Ukraine.

2. In addition to this, we have also included links to local and international organizations and relief funds for the affected by the war Ukrainians.


The International Fund ‘КОЖЕН МОЖЕ

The Ukrainian Foundation ‘ТЕРИТОРІЯ ДОБРА

The ‘Return Alive’ Foundation

The ‘Ukraine Humanitarian Fund’

The Kyiv Independent

Army SOS

Phoenix Wings

Ukraine Red Cross

Red Cross


Vostok SOS


Help people in Ukraine

Charitable Foundation “”Dlya Tebe”” (For You) “(Dnipro) – humanitarian aid to children

Charitable Foundation “You – Angel” (Ivano-Frankivsk) – humanitarian aid for children (medicines, diapers, etc.)

Charitable Foundation “Skarbnytsya Nadiyi (Treasury of Hope)” (Rivne) – humanitarian aid for children

Charitable Foundation “Dalila’s Sisters” (Lviv) – help for sick people (medicines needed)

Community of mutual aid “Emmaus – Oselya” (Lviv) – help to refugees in Lviv and the homeless

Public human rights organisation “La Strada-Ukraine” – Online psychological help for young people

Charitable foundation “Dobrodiy Club” – support for orphans and children from disadvantaged families 


Help animals

Adopt Don’t Stop Charitable Foundation (Kyiv)

Non-profit public organisation “Day lapy druzhe (Give a paw buddy)” (Zaporizhzhya)

Charitable foundation “Sirius” (Fedorivka, Kyiv region), two employees – Kyiv (from the Zhytomyr highway) 

Gostomel Animal Shelter


Help the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine)

Revived Soldiers Ukraine – (walkie-talkies, thermal imagers, binoculars, medical supplies for hospitals, helmets, bulletproof vests, purchase of ambulances, generators) 

Povernys Zhyvym (Come Back Alive)

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique