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Christian Nielsen returns to Ellum Audio with “Come On” EP

"Christian Nielsen - Come On EP (Ellum Audio)"

Christian Nielsen returns to Ellum Audio with “Come On” EP

Christian Nielsen returns to Ellum Audio mid-March with his ‘Come On’ EP. Since making his Ellum Audio debut in 2020 Christian Nielsen has put out a slew of releases on notable outlets such as Of Unsound Mind, Stress Records, as well as his own new imprint Eastbridge.

He now returns to Maceo Plex’s label with a varied four-tracker marrying House & Techno in the unconventional way Nielsen is so well known for.

The title track opens the release with crisp drums and an assertive, fast-paced bassline while a male voice entones an hypnotic ‘Come On’ throughout. ‘The Drag’ follows things up with raw acid offset by glitched-out, echoing FX and complemented by its own signature distorted vocal.

Using a similar approach, ‘The Hack’ throws rich, floating pads and arpeggiating synth lines into the mix creating a deep, progressive fusion of sounds. ‘The Void’ then takes an entirely different direction through marching drums, snaking synths and robotic vocals – adding a playful, late-night cut to the release’s arsenal. The ‘Come On’ EP by Christian Nielsen is a truly worthy successor to his previous ventures on Ellum Audio.

1. Come On
2. The Drag
3. The Hack
4. The Void

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Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique