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Camille Luciani makes his debut on Steyoyoke Black with Aphteraq EP

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Camille Luciani makes his debut on Steyoyoke Black with Aphteraq EP

French producer Camille Luciani makes his debut on Steyoyoke Black with a mysterious and compelling four-track EP, Aphteraq, perfectly balancing the charm of sparse glittering synths over a hum that asserts the darker side of techno.

The EP begins with “Amonrath”, where layers of looming strings build tension over a steady, pared-back bassline, with a drop that plunges us into the intensity that persists throughout. His next track, “Aphteraq”, shows incredible attention to detail, while “Ascendere” begins minimally, and just as the intensity appears to peak, the layers instantly pull back to a steady compelling drumming. These contrasting themes are masterfully built on and repeated, making this sparkling track a stand-out. “Mirage” forces us to appreciate the EP’s exquisite production, with its whole precise and addictive sound. 

Camille Luciani makes an impressive entrance with this release, masterfully showing the diversity of his skills as a producer. “Aphteraq” definitely makes a strong statement about his place in the techno scene.

Connect with Camille Luciani on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Written By: Elena Arsova

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