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Ulises’ new EP hits you with a gratuitous use of syncopation and orgies of drums

Ulises’ new EP hits you with a gratuitous use of syncopation and orgies of drums

On May 18th, Sol Selectas welcomes the return of Ulises who has featured tracks on the last two Summer Sol mixed artist compilations. This time with his own EP Más Allá, with remixes from Davis Mayer, Geju and Roderic.

On the EP, Ulises shows a downtempo style that blends ambient textures with earthy percussion and aboriginal chants, creating chugging grooves and a hallucinogenic sound design. The title Más Allá, which can be translated to “even further”, conceptualize Ulises’ attempt to go beyond boundaries with his music.

The exotic sounds of Sian opens the release with ambient wildlife samples and trippy guitars licks. Next up is Obelisk which has a stripped back style with a moody jazz saxophone blending with clicking percussion. Track three Pinneal is an epic journey of melodic pads plus ceremonial chants, and the title cut Más Allá fuses tribal drum rhythms with mysterious melodies. David Mayer lifts the tempo of Sian with a refined remix that elevates the tracks to soaring heights. Roderic adds a hypnotic groove to Obelisk and Geju drops the tempo of Pinneal to deliver a version of laid-back desert vibes.

With this EP, Ulises shows that his music is able to take us not just beyond the boundaries – but even further.


  1. Sian
  2. Obelisk
  3. Pinneal
  4. Más Allá
  5. Sian (David Meyer Remix)
  6. Obelisk (Roderic Remix)
  7. Pinneal (Geju Remix)
Preorder Más Allá on Beatport by the link.

Connect with Ulises on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Written By: Andreas Nordbo

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