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Turn Web Banners Into Music with AbEXP by AIAIAI


Turn Web Banners Into Music with AbEXP by AIAIAI

AbEXP is an interactive music universe as well as alternative adblock technology all rolled into one boundary-pushing project, which lets you transform the webpage of your choice into a new audiovisual experience.

Last year, 615 million devices used adblock technology while 11% of the global internet population were blocking ads on the web, according to Business Insider. Remarkable statistics that inspired us to do something about this banner fatigue, and create a music-based statement as a response.

An experimental and exploratory project, AbEXP is essentially a new kind of adblock plugin. Download the Chrome extension and take over the ad banners on the world’s internet pages, from The New York Times to Perez Hilton, with minimal, futurist visuals and a bespoke music universe created by acclaimed Copenhagen-based duo, Kenton Slash Demon. Every commercial banner you meet online will be taken over, influencing the audio experience. You can interact and play around with the futuristic, brutalism-inspired graphics, to control or alter the sound and rhythm.

“The AbEXP is intended as a playful, exploratory comment; If people don’t want banners, let’s give them something else, something fun,”

explains aiaiai Creative Director Peter Michael Willer via a press release.

Find out more AbEXP by AIAIAI here.
Install the AbEXP Chrome Extension from here.

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique

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