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Staff Picks- Week 19: NIMB Roof Sunset Sessions, Simon Littauer, Music In Crisis Pt. 1

Staff Picks- Week 19: NIMB Roof Sunset Sessions, Simon Littauer, Music In Crisis Pt. 1

The Sound Clique’s ‘Staff Picks‘ events, streams and workshops for week 19, 2021 present to you:

  • NIMB Roof Sunset Sessions
  • Simon Littauer @ Byhaven Pumphuset
  • Knife Magazine & Posh Isolation-  Music In Crisis Pt. 1 @ VEGA


*At time of writing, all events are subject to change (date/ venue) due to current COVID regulations*


Saturday the 22nd of May 19:00- 22:30

NIMB Roof Sunset Sessions

Date 22nd May, 2021, 19:00


Maria Barfod (FEDTY)

Henri Matisse

Kenneth Vieldsted (KENNO)


NIMB rooftop is once again open for cocktails, sunsets and the best DJs to tie the whole mix together. There’ll be played everything from Deep House, Lounge and tech- to disco, R’n’B and pop.

Tickets include a champagne cocktail and snacks whilst you watch the sun set over Copenhagens rooftops.




Friday the 21st of May 19:00- 23:00

Knife Magazine & Posh Isolation presents Music In Crisis Pt. 1

Date 21st May, 2021, 19:00


Croatian Amor


Nadia Tehran

oqbqbo DJ’S

The name MUSIC IN CRISIS is a direct comment on the pandemic and the existential crisis that many people have been in the last year – both behind the scenes and in front of the stage. But at the same time, it is also a celebration and a reminder that it is precisely the music that has helped most of us through the crisis.

The events will include offering experimental electronic music, challenging and danceable pop music, as well as erratic genre experiments.



Saturday the 22nd of May 15:00- 23:00

Simon Littauer + VIBRANT AS FUCK @ Byhaven Pumphuset 

Date 22nd May, 2021, 15:00
Byhaven Pumpehuset

Byhaven Pumpehuset warmly invites you to spend an evening in a world of cables and flashing diode circuits- directed by the Copenhagen based DJ and producer -Simon Littauer.

Simon Littauer composes and improvises live techno sets on modular synthesisers, without assistance from computers, presets or backing tracks. Littauer is a man believing in the strength of improvisation, and moves in the borderland between techno, glitch and experimental sounds- constructing his music 100% on the spot.

Simon Littauer is already well known in the Danish music landscape, where he has worked on studio productions for a number of Danish musicians and played live with names such as MØ, Kwamie Liv, Asteroid Galaxy Tour and Reptile Youth.

See more:


-Live @ Roskilde Festival


Written By: Fie Dinee

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