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Our Distortion Festival Highlights From Previous Editions

Distortion Festival 2019

Our Distortion Festival Highlights From Previous Editions

With Distortion Festival 2022 back, after a 2-year break due to Covid-19, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite Distortion Festival moments from past editions.

In the meantime check-out Distortion Festival 2022 line-up here.

KiNK (Live) – Distortion Festival 2019

The Bulgarian-maestro was headlining Distortion Ø 2019 on the last day of the festival, and his live-set was worth the wait! KiNK never disappoints, and was this set, eclectic, vibrant, original, it moved the crowd throughout the entire live performance. KiNK’s on-stage energy was so immense, visible and electrifying throughout his performance at Distortion 2019. Enthusiastically brandishing his MIDI controllers above the crowd with a wild-eyed fanaticism, and causing almost unbearable levels of tension with drawn out and aggressive build-ups and drops, often accompanied by one of his trademark pitch modulated acid riffs.

Glass talks to innovative Bulgarian DJ/producer KiNK – The Glass Magazine

See what happened when KiNK dropped a live edit of  his own track “Perth”, at Distortion Festival 2019.

Hunee – Distortion Festival 2019

Hun Choi or known by his DJ name Hunee played  the Disco Stage at Distortion Festival 2019, and he rocked it! When at work he is one of the most arresting artists you might ever hear, instinctively and sometimes rapidly switching between the genres he loves, most frequently techno, house and disco.

Photo by Kasper Holm

The Disco Stage Hunee was headlining was tucked in the forest, illuminated by LED lasers, art installations and with a hill surrounding the Disco. Hunee headlined the Disco stage with a magnificent and breathtaking 3-hour DJ set, taking the crowd on a real music journey compiled of his adored genres, from house to techno to disco and in-between. Nearly every track was a perfect tonal match for its predecessor, and a natural rise in tempo throughout the night. 

“A dedicated selector, who now leads thousands-strong festival crowds in disco singalongs.” 

Hunee’s resolute set, alongside the warm energy he conveyed to us all with his presence, left not only the crowd cheering, but also DJ Tennis, at the Disco stage after his earlier DJ set ended, the founder of Distortion – Thomas Fleurquin, and all the crew members on stage. Moments when you feel as one big family, all relentlessly dancing and singing along. 

Checkout one of the last tracks played by Hunee at Distortion Festival 2019.


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Jayda G -Distortion Festival 2019

Jayda G is rightfully renowned as one of the best selectors DJ–ing at the moment, and her Distortion Festival 2019 set at the Disco Stage was proof of her powers as a DJ – and a dancer. The environmental toxicologist-turned-producer showed some of her moves, Vogueing her way through tracks and getting the crowd going even more.

Jayda G’s DJ delivered back in 2019 a set, which she’s now known for: rare soul, disco and funk tunes, and house. As the crowd squeezed for space the the Disco Stage, Jayda G subtly and seamlessly flowed through genres to show off her impressive repertoire, dropping in odes to her influences as a producer in the form of old-school Chicago and Detroit house.

The Disco Stage that at Distortion 2019 including the likes of Jayda G, Hunee, Young Marco and Dekmantel Soundsystem, was one of the best and grooviest line-ups Distortion has ever had – there, we said it!


Maceo Plex – Distortion Festival 2018

Maceo Plex was headlining the Distortion Festival 2018, alongside Tale of Us. Playing through the night and into the first hours of the morning, Maceo Plex took Distortion 2018 on a real 1990’s journey, dipping into a multitude of influences that have surely shaped who he is today. At some point in towards the end of his set, he took to the mic hyping-up the crowd.. “Distortion…Distortion F.. it up” in repeat.

Maceo Plex as expected delivered, and left the crowd in cheers. He played his hits, his influences, and his future releases.

Maceo Plex firing up the crowd with his original track “5th Dimensional Groove”.

Dixon – Distortion Festival 2016

Dixon was booked in for a three-hour set on the main stage to close the whole festival. A tall order for most, but one which the German DJ duly accepted. It was my first time seeing Dixon, and he certainly lived up to the hype of recent years, showcasing calm precision throughout his mix and finishing, in what was a triumphant move, with SBTRKT’s ‘Hold On’. Sampha’s vocals never sounded sweeter on the engulfing soundsystem, bringing the curtain down on Distortion 2016 in emotional fashion.

Dixon in the early morning hours at Distortion 2016, playing “X” by Eagles & Butterflies.


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Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique