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New club Poolen opening in Copenhagen

New club Poolen opening in Copenhagen

New Club Poolen Opening in Copenhagen: A Game-Changer for the City’s Nightlife

Copenhagen is set to welcome a thrilling addition to its vibrant nightlife scene with the new club Poolen opening this spring. Poolen, a large and raw warehouse venue, is dedicated to hosting concerts, raves, parties, and events. Situated in an old B&W hall on Refshaleøen, Poolen has been remodeled with modern facilities and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. Managed by the experienced team behind Pumpehuset and Byhaven, this new venue will accommodate up to 2,500 standing guests.

A Unique Venue in Copenhagen

Copenhagen boasts a diverse array of venues, from small intimate stages to large arenas. However, Poolen stands out as a unique addition, preserving the raw energy and industrial charm of its surroundings. The new club Poolen opening in Copenhagen offers a distinct atmosphere, perfect for large-scale events and vibrant performances.

Location and Historical Significance

Poolen is located on Refshaleøen, nestled between an old dry dock (a pool) and an auto wrecker. This area is well-known among music lovers for hosting festivals like Copenhell, Distortion Ø, and Karrusel, as well as the techno club Hangaren. The building that now houses Poolen was previously home to the Stagebox venue and originally served as a workshop for B&W. The team behind Pumpehuset and Byhaven has entered into a lease agreement with Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab, bringing their vision and expertise to this iconic location.

Vision and Ambition

Kristoffer Buck Bramsen, co-owner and director of Poolen, shared his excitement about the new club Poolen opening in Copenhagen:

I come from a music environment where we moved into the city’s industrial areas and occupied abandoned factory buildings. We transformed warehouses into music temples for an evening, far from Indre By’s mainstream music offerings. Copenhagen changed from an industrial city to the world’s best city, and the possibilities for wildness, partying, and loud music were limited. The factory halls are gone, and the industrial areas have become residential areas. On Refshaleøen, we have one last chance to invite you on an adventure before the area is absorbed by the city forever. With Poolen, Copenhagen will have its last large, raw warehouse venue, complete with a well-organized setup and facilities that meet modern audience demands, capable of accommodating the largest international productions.

Diverse and Dynamic Programming

Although Poolen draws inspiration from rave culture, it aims to be a musically open and challenging space, featuring a variety of genres and events. In collaboration with Denmark’s numerous concert, rave, and party organizers, Poolen plans to present music more than 100 days a year. The redevelopment of Poolen is in full swing, but the venue will retain its raw, industrial character.

James Alexander Hancock, operations manager at Poolen, elaborated on the process:

We leave the place as raw as possible. We will, of course, put our own stamp on it with modern audience and production facilities, including a sound and light system of international caliber. Poolen must accommodate the really big shows, but also the wild subcultures of the underground. In interaction with the industrial expression of the building, we will create nooks, places to stay, and atmosphere both inside and outside Poolen. Our ambition is to extend the experience so that it starts before the show itself and continues longer than you experience at other venues of this size.

Check the upcoming programme for Poolen here.

So far this summer confirmed electronic music events include:

  • WhoMadeWho (The Moment Festival) 9th of August, 2024
  • Kiasmos 22nd of September, 2024

Refshaleøen’s Development

The area around Poolen is well-known for its seasonal music events. With the new club Poolen opening in Copenhagen, the area now offers year-round events of significant scale. Jes Transbøl, managing director of Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab, expressed his enthusiasm:

We are very happy that soon music will be played again in the old panel workshop, because music is and will be an important part of Refshaleøen. With the team behind Poolen, experienced and reputable forces from the Copenhagen music scene, we welcome them to the island and look forward to working with them.

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique

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