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Joy Orbison releases new single “2M3 2U” via XL Recordings

"Joy Orbison Cover"

Joy Orbison releases new single “2M3 2U” via XL Recordings

Inspired by “hyperpop” Joy Orbison – real name Peter O’Grady – has made a vibrant yet bass-heavy track which pulls on a similar tone to his well-loved track ‘pinky ring’.

“I see this one as a bit of a UK take on hyperpop,” Orbison says about ‘2M3 2U. “But with a bit of bass weight.

“The vocal part could be a sample of some garbled message of love in Bladerunner or the Fifth Element, and the main riffs had me thinking about the DJ Narrows records we’d play at youth club parties.”

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His return to a club-sounding anthems has seen his “wobbly” sets become the soundtrack of many ravers summer which he continues to highlight on Instagram saying: “I’ve been having a lot of fun in the studio this year and this was something that made sense really quickly.”

“Interesting top lines seem to be a bit absent in my world these days and I’ve definitely been influenced by contemporary drum & bass and their endless search for the catchiest wobble.”

Similarly to the cover of ‘red velve7/pinky ring’, Orbison has used a family photograph as the cover art. He says: “who better to stick on the cover than my dear grandad Les, pictured here in my grandparents house in west london. i have no idea what’s going on in this picture (or why his shirt is half open) but it never fails to make me smile.”

Alongwith the new track, limited edition T-shirts are available inprinted with the cover art which are now availble here.

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The new single is his fourth release this year after only weeks ago Orbison teamed up with vocalist Jorja Smith on the single ‘Rose Rogue’.

In September he also teamed up with Overmono and ABRA on the track ‘Blind Date’.

Listen to Joy Orbison’s ‘2M3 2U’ below.

Written By: Philip Panov

Founder / Director of The Sound Clique