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A talk with Innellea: the things that we’ve accomplished

Innellea TSC Interview Cover

A talk with Innellea: the things that we’ve accomplished

Michael and Daniel from Munich invented Innellea in 2014 and straight moved on to spread their new sound. What they initially did not know back in 2014, was that they in 2019 would be beloved by all electronic music lovers across the world. Both coming from other projects, they wanted to combine their talents and create something new. Influenced by melodic trends in the electronic music, they found their way to combine it with the roots of techno in a very creative way and came up with their own abstract sound.

We are very pleased to present you a talk with Innellea and to share more about ‘The Things We’ve Have Accomplished Together’, their latest release ‘Lost In Fades’ feat. Ameli from Realm Of Consciouness pt. IV and their first season Ibiza season.

Listen to Innellea ft. Amelie – ‘Lost In Fades’ from Realm Of Consciouness pt. IV on Soundcloud.

Buy Innellea ft. Ameli - 'Lost In Fades'


Hello Innellea and thank you very much for taking your time to do this interview. First of all, congratulations with being included in the Afterlife compilation! What are you currently up to (besides having fans reposting your track on Instagram all the time)?

Hey guys, thanks for your words and thanks for having us! We are happy to have People & Machines as our booking agency now. Our former booking agent who became one of our closest friends is now handling our management. Our gigs this year are spread all around the globe like India, Morocco and Ibiza.

What do you guys like to do together besides music production? Do you have a common source of inspiration through a common activity? There must be a secret behind your music!

As we live in separate cities it’s not so easy to have daily activities together. But if we hang out we are always up for a good coffee and some deep chats about all kind of things – not only about music. We always try to have a free mind and want to avoid thinking in grids while working on new songs. That’s the key to us for being creative.

When making music, do your tracks always evolve from a melody or do you maybe prefer to start with something different every time you start making a new track from scratch? Maybe it is unique for each and every track.

Usually we start to set a certain mood by creating a groove, a pad or a melody. Most of the time it’s some atmospheric synth played on one key that flows in the background during the whole track. But it really depends, sometimes we have new machines that we want to check out immediately and often it happens that they are the base of a new song.

Two months ago Adana Twins marked their milestone for their fledging label TAU on their first compilation ‘Spektrum 1’ including ‘The Things We’ve Accomplished Together’ – a stunning track. Tell us more about how that track came up? It seems like there is a whole story behind the title itself explaining the meaning of the track.

That track though… We worked together on it from scratch, had an amazing approach but struggled really hard on finding the fitting melody. Daniel had to catch his train to Augsburg and I didn’t want to give up. He was walking through the door and in this very moment the melody came to my mind. I was thinking about the moment we had our first session in a small cellar room and what we reached together.

I was thinking about the moment we had our first session in a small cellar room and what we reached together

When did you know that Tale Of Us wanted you to be a part of the Afterlife compilation and how did you handle it? Talking about accomplishments before it seems like this is a continuous and never ending process for you guys.

Few days after we signed the “Vigilans EP”, we were already talking about future plans with Matteo. From that day on we knew he wanted us to be part of the Realm Of Consciouness and we were really happy about that chance he gave us. For us it’s super important to set goals that you can follow. That keeps us continuously motivated and focused all the time.

It must be a great honor to you being included in Afterlife’s way of marking their milestone for the label. Do you have a special way of celebrating it?

It is indeed! In the studio working on new music (laughs)

Is there a specific gig that you are looking very much forward to this summer?

We are really looking forward to our first Ibiza-Season this year. Also, being back in India feels special to us.

What is next for Innellea?

Music nonstop!

Thank you for the interview Innellea!

We say thank you. Hope to see you soon in Copenhagen.

Connect with Innellea on Facebook and SoundCloud.

Written By: Haris Salkic

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