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Solidarity is now with Mano Le Though, Adriatique, Jimi Jules

Solidarity is now with Mano Le Though, Adriatique, Jimi Jules


Time: May 01, 2020 12:00 - 02:00
Organized By: https://solidarity.zukunft.cl/

About Tour

On May 1st and 2nd, 2020 2×14 hours of DJ sets and live performances will be streamed from Club Zukunft under the name SOLIDARITY IS NOW. While the coronavirus is leaving people in a state of uncertainty all over the world, it is important to continue to help the weakest. In recent months, cultural institutions and creatives have called for solidarity. SOLIDARITY IS NOW is a call for help for those who are in need of it.

Video-Stream + Donate here: https://solidarity.zukunft.cl

Mano Le Tough, Adriatique, Jimi Jules, Alex Dallas, Manuel Fischer, Kalabrese & Rumpelorchester, Lexx, Belia Winnewisser (live), Ron Shiller, Momo Love live aka. MoreEats, Princess P., Domi Chansorn live, DJ W.E.B. aka Walid El Barbir, Sentiment, Luca Durán live aus Amsterdam, Jamira Estrada, DAIF live, Gini (Annie Taylor) & Sonya live, HOVE / Light of Other Days, Dominik André, Melodiesinfonie, Kejeblos, Ethimm live, Jenny, PRIOLEAU, Domenico Ferrari live, Nicola Kazimir, Leo Gretener

Graphic Design: Jakob Lienhard
Art Direction: Ozelot Ltd.
Facefilter: Sophia Becker
Audio-Stream: play.gds.fm + DAB+


A. C. Kupper, Andri Schatz, Anil Sarkaya, Bruno Karl, Buenos Highres, Büro Destruct, Cheryl Graf, Christian Gamp, Club Culture CH, Dessert Grafik, Dominik Müller, GDS.FM, Hubertus Design, ISSU ISSU, Ivo Schaeppi, Jonas Vögeli, Jose Bomrad, Kerstin Landis, Kleon Medugorac, Laura Lunatic, Lorenz Naegeli, Luis Balzer, Maison Standard, Manucher Milani, Mariella Ingrassia, Marlene Dallas, Milos Stolic, Nathan Meyer, Naum Hirsl, Niklas Stettler, Pank, Quarck, Reto Naegeli, Samuel Waeny, Sebastian Cator, Samara Keller, Silvan Possa, Stefan Hürlimann, Stefan Marx, Stephan Huber, Till Eiholzer, Till Fischer, Tim Serafin, tsüri.ch, Tymen Goetsch, Unsere Beweggründe, Der Videomann, Vinzenz Meyner, Xavier Monney, 45rpm.ch

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