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Actress + Young Paint (Live AI/AV) / CPH:DOX

Actress + Young Paint (Live AI/AV) / CPH:DOX


Time: March 21, 2020 20:00 - 23:00
Location: Studiestræde 52
Organized By: CPH:DOX
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About Tour

Experience a unique digital duet between man and machine when Actress explores the creative and social potentials of artificial intelligence, along with his AI character Young Paint.

Darren Jordan Cunningham aka Actress has since his debut release ‘Splazsh’ been labeled as a pioneer of the experimental club scene. Elements from 2-step, garage and Detroit techno blend into an unpredictable dark universe of bass.

Since the album ‘AZD’ from 2017, Actress has moved beyond club music and in 2018 released his 6th album ‘LAGEOS’ in collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra. His latest project, released as a mini-album and now being seen as a live AI / AV performance, is an exploration of the potential of artificial intelligence. Here, Actress performs side by side with the AI character Young Paint, who will act as a live-size multi-screen projection on stage.

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